Manov & Sons are your reliable partner in the process of the investment project planning and implementation.

All our buildings were built with skill and desire as if they were the only one. The uniqueness of our creative achievements lie in the realization of the fact that your needs of home or business property are strictly individual and need to reflect them in the building that we shall submit. And if the talent of our team shall remain preserved in the built homes, they will always identify the spirituality and vital energy that give true value of any building.

Responsibility and beauty of construction business are encoded in one single word – creativity.

Therefore and not without reason, we believe that having our long-years experience and traditions to win satisfied clients, we shall also fulfill reliably and on time the undertaken tasks to you.

We construct buildings with the continuing effort to strengthen our professional reputation paying inspiring respect to any our client as well as thinking about the contribution our buildings shall have for the local community and environment.

It is our deep belief that we must create and submit the next generation eternal values in the field of urban architecture giving our own contribution in the establishment of better life environment that shall be an inspiration for our children and grandchildren.

Together with utilizing and applying more new technologies, we shall not ignore the natural materials that were used for centuries – stone, built-in wood and natural building materials produced of clay considering that in this way we contribute to life in more natural and consistent with our nature environment, and following the traditions, and overbuilding them with intelligence.

The considered and balanced combination of old and new technologies and materials always results in esthetic delight for the senses and strikes us with the originality.

manov_pictures_019 To achieve the highest results at any stage of construction, we have a team of technical experts organized in specialized units, which mainly are:
– Construction and installation works and masonry
– Heat- and hydro-isolations, roofs and facades
– Internal plastering, drywalls, plasters and paints
– Wall tiling and lining, and flooring
– Electrical installations and cabling
– Water supply and sewerage installations, bathrooms and service premises
– Air conditioning and ventilation systems
– Security and surveillance systems
– Furniture production and furnishing

We are famous among our clients that we “give the final touches” of every detail to the smallest particulars and this gives serenity and comfort out of comparison to all who had decided to select our company.

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