Manov & Sons is your reliable partner in the entire process of planning and implementation of the investment project.

The company’s rich experience in design and implementation of construction and investment projects for residential, business and administrative buildings in combination with complex construction repairs also, reassures us that there is no project of challenge that we shall be in position not to deal with.

We constantly develop and perfection our business in order to satisfy in maximum the requirements of modern construction.

Our projects are successful because we – construction company Manov & Sons – stake on the constructive principles in the fundaments of our business as competence, professionalism, creativity and quality. For any person the action of building or buying own property is charged with special emotions, and also with great concern of possible troubles. Due to this reason, the experienced team of our company makes the design in short terms but very precisely and strives always to give the original ideas reflecting your individuality and specific requirements.

First of all, in our buildings we stake on functionality in combination with esthetic in planning stressing on the modern design and remembered solutions.


From turning the first sod to the key

From the first conversations for the business idea till the final putting into operation, Manov & Sons shall be your irreversible partner that using the knowledge of their experts, the own experience at the local market and the good relations with all municipal and governmental bodies shall lead you successfully and easily across the complicated multi-staged and complex construction process.

With us you shall not waste any time and shall avoid delays originating from not knowing the legislative requirements, the industry and the market. Our team shall acquaint you at any stage and about all issues that are important for the successful implementation of your investment.

Preliminary study

In case you have idea for the development of a property, or for a building plot, or for the construction of residential of business building, or for construction investment of any kind, we shall assist you by:

• Information about the appropriateness of your plot, and if you do not have such plot we shall offer you appropriate locations.
• Assessment of all important positives and negatives in your idea in order to take well reasoned decision, and during the consultation process we also shall offer you alternatives in case you meet obstacles.
• We shall contact on your behalf the local authorities saving you the complex bureaucratic procedures. In case of need we shall make your idea popular both in media and public organization in order to increase the interest in the investment.
• Feasibility study and design of all parts in the investment project.

Fist steps in the investment project

• Proving legal start of the investment process – detailed structured plan or design visa, coordination procedures with the public utility services, coordination with the local environmental authorities, fire-protection and health safety, and project approvals.
• Lawful start of the construction – project conformity assessment, construction permit, construction line and commencement of works.
• Geodesic survey.






Construction process management

• Construction supervision (lawful implementation of construction works)

• Safe health and security coordinator)
• Investment supervision during the construction process)
• Executive geodesic survey)
• Lawful completion of construction and permit for using the site)

Emergency situations management

Cases that may impede your investment purposes are countless. In such cases namely our experience of long years will secure you the placidity that in critical situations you will have at your disposal people with experience, knowledge and good reputation in the region.

Concomitant services

We are working with number of companies that may provide additional services for the development and the implementation of ypur investment. Among these shall include:

• Geodesic survey and design in Part Geodesy
• Design – Part Roads, Part Traffic Organization, and Part Planting
• Vertical planning, design of river corrections
• Plan and coordinator of health safety and security

Construction supervision

We shall refer you to the most appropriate licensed company for independent construction supervision in conformity with Article 168 from the Structure of Territory Act:

• Supervision of the quality of executed construction and installation works and their conformity with the approved projects
• Issuance of all necessary acts and protocols during the construction in conformity with the requirements of the Regional Directorate of National Construction Supervision, Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Waters, Regional Directorate of Fire Safety and Protection of Population, Regional Inspectorate of Public Health Protection and Control, the Cadastre Office and all other public and municipal bodies
• Lawful commencement of construction and installation works
• Completion and maintenance of the regularity of site construction file till submitting it after the project taking over.
• Lawful completion of construction
• Emergency consultations in the event of emergencies in order to prevent damages and delays in the completion of works as the impeccable reputation of Manov & Sons and their long-year experience with governmental and municipal institutions becomes guarantee for it.
• Preparation of Final Report and Permit to use the site
• Preparation of Site Technical Passport.

Project exaluation

Manov & Sons are working in partnership with licensed agencies for conformity assessment of the projects in accordance with Article 142 of Structure of Territory Act. Within the scope of the activities that are mandatory for all construction site requiring a construction building permit shall include:

• Review of investment projects for their conformity with legal requirements
• Joint work with your designers to bring the projects in conformity with the requirements of the legal framework
• Report on the assessment of project compliance
• Coordination procedures and approval of projects
• Assistance for issuance of building permit

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