In “MANOV AND SONS” we have attracted highly qualified engineers, construction technicians, lawyers and professionals with experience in all construction aspects. Best specialists come to work with us and they stay here.


In the long years of practice our consulting team had specialized in the following:

– Specialized professional legal advice and procedural representation. Experience in work with the Structure of Territory Act, Territorial Urban and Rural Development Act and the laws and regulations relevant to the construction and investment activities. Legal services from the time of purchasing the property through change in the designation for construction needs, and legal consultations from feasibility studies to putting the works into operation.

– Explaining the requirements of the laws and the secondary legislation. Solving cases and problems connected with applying the legislation and the specific construction terminology. Explaining the specifics of the job, the internal organizational structure, mode of cooperation and communicating the state and local authorities related to the construction and investment business.

– Informing the employers about the requirements of the specialized state control authorities and operating companies

– Technical consultations by team of Firemen, Doctors, Architects, and Engineers in specialties: Structures, Electrical, Water supply and sewerage, Heating, ventilation ad air-conditioning, Plating, Roads, Geology, Geodesy, Health and safety conditions + Plan for the construction organization and implementation, Ecology, Transport communication, Technologists in Part Machines, Medical and Food industries. The company has specialists IT – communications, software and technical support, local and global networks, and structured cabling. The team approved by Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works includes consultant chemists and engineers in distribution of networks foe radio and TV signals.

– Performing feasibility studies, preparation of the design process and coordination of the construction process to the site commissioning.

– Providing output data from the Cadastre (underground and over-ground). Providing output data and preliminary connection contracts from the utility companies – Electrical Distribution, Water supply and Sewerage, Heat Supply, Gas Supply, Bulgarian Telecommunication Company, Street Lighting, Irrigation Systems, and Road Directorate

– Providing design visas (permits) from the municipal administrations. Coordination of the project documentation with the utility companies: Electrical Distribution, Water supply and Sewerage, Heat Supply, Gas Supply, Bulgarian Telecommunication Company, Street Lighting, Irrigation Systems, and Road Directorate, and the specialized state control authorities – Regional Inspectorate of Preservation and Control on Public Health, Fire and Emergency Safety, National Construction Control Directorate, Municipal Administrations, Green Systems, etc.

Construction Supervision – it is practiced in the following mandatory scope: checking the legality of existing buildings in the area, lawful commencement of the site construction, full and correct preparation of acts and protocols during construction, execution of construction works according the approved projects, control on observing the health and safety conditions according the project for the construction organization, protection of environment during the works on the site, quality of used building material and products and their conformity with safety standards, preventing damages ti=o third parties and property as a result of the construction.

manov_pictures_007 DESIGN TEAM

The core team is composed of designers highly skilled design engineers with proven professional skills, rich computer knowledge and years of design experience. Our design team works with established architects from Bulgaria. Depending on the nature of the site, we attract also proven in their field engineers in Parts Electrical, HVAC, heating and ventilation, and technologists. All designers in the office are members of the Chamber of Engineers in Investment Design.

The assistance of our designers shall ensure:

– The most rational and reasonable construction decision for your building;
– Static and dynamic analysis and design of structure for all effects;
– Design solution based on modern software ensuring economy, efficiency, security and reliability of the structure;
– Project documentation complied with all applicable regulations;
– Full support in the process of construction;
– Compliance with all terms and obligations under the contracts.


Our team of architects is committed to develop for you excellent architectural designs, distinguished by varied aesthetics, meeting all modern trends in construction, even when resorting to integrate traditional methods of construction and design. We approach each project focused on functionality, project budget and sustainability, but never forget the beauty and architectural design, the comfort and pleasure of touching quality materials.

Our leading architects have over 20 years of experience in designing unique and innovative buildings. There is no your dream that we can not design, clearly complying with all standards and best practices for safe and balanced construction.

Our architects will be with you through the entire process of design and construction to ensure that your home and business property will meet the highest requirements. We can synchronize all stages of a project: from the phase of feasibility studies to construction and commissioning. Our architects, together with the specialists-subcontractors of the individual sub-elements and/or stages of the activities, are in continuous communication between engineering teams in the phases of design, supervision and investment control. This applies to all design parts, but it is essential for in-house systems such as HVAC, electrical and water supply and sewerage.

In case each installation is subcontracted to individual company, a common phenomenon with negative effect in many other construction companies is that the smooth flow of the project to be compromised by lack of fast and clear coordination. Therefore we – Manov & Sons – prefer that all necessary personnel for the construction of a site to be permanently available. Synchronization of design in more than one area, coordination of architects, individual teams and contractors is our corporate responsibility, ensuring the commitments undertaken by our company to you.


Our teams can proudly say that they deal with any challenge in the field of construction. Over the years, thanks to the professionalism, including that of our construction teams, the company has evolved and established itself on the market as a benchmark for strength, durability and reliability of the built projects. Expertise in the construction of new residential buildings and industrial buildings, their adjoining systems – electrical, water supply and sewerage, and heating and ventilation, installation of PVC joinery systems, drywall systems, ceilings and flooring, interior and exterior waterproofing, thermal insulation and roofing, facade and interior lining and painting, floor coverings, etc., did not go unnoticed by our hundreds of satisfied clients who forget about any need of serious further repairs after moving into the property purchased from us.

The company has a permanent employee of managerial and executive staff possessing appropriate qualifications and training in all specialties. The entire executive staff frequently pass courses for qualification. Our team of builders are equipped and fitted with all kinds of tools and machinery, truck, van and passenger transport, and we have our own warehouse. Company production base is technologically equipped so that it can meet the needs of the company for the production of all kinds of preparations for the construction of composite frame structures for the needs of our projects.

To meet the ever-increasing requirements relating to the new conditions of the European Union and to increase the effectiveness of the types of construction activities, the company defended and obtained quality certificate ISO 9001.


Company “Manov and Sons” OOD has established long-term partnership with UniCredit Bulbank. The consultation on the most advantageous loan for you include: Housing and consumer credits, including mortgage loans; Credits to small and medium enterprises for the purchase of business property.

You will have information about current bank promotions; Servicing and movement of documentation, prior approval of the loan and refinancing a current loan on better terms; Further information on the current status of the loan and information in case of change in conditions, and information for the system for proof of income for the banks. We will also provide you with a personal financial advisor at your request

Benefits to pay attention to our credit consultants are that you get legal assistance in the preparation of the preliminary contract; will provide all documents from the state institutions (mortgages, sketches, tax assessments), which will be covered by our competent lawyers; will remove any irregularities in the documentation; will arrange representation before the notary on the date of the transaction; We will prepare a business plan for business loans, to submit to the banking institutions.

manov_pictures_011 MANAGEMENT TEAM

The ability to skillfully manage in the complex construction business in Bulgaria is probably the critical factor for success in our sector. Not without reason the specialists of management found that the best investment plan would be a failure in the process of its implementation, if there is no adequate management tailored to local regulation and environment. Therefore, for most serious investors the “Manager”and his personality is key factor before proceeding to the project.

By now the Manov name for 20 years is synonymous with serious and professional attitude to business, utmost honesty to clients and uncompromising work for the construction of not only tens estate but also for the company corporate reputation. “Manov & Sons” is a company that has proven its definite purpose to be a positive sample and a reference to the European way of doing business in the country.

In addition to the executive directors of our company, our managers on key functional areas of the construction business, are also people who for years have been on construction sites, they confronted daily with state and municipal institutions, they are in constant communication with investors, buyers, owners land and banking institutions, and are engaged in the management and control of personnel. Experience, knowledge, expertise and ability to succeed in any endeavor are our own internal corporate guarantee that they will further strengthen the reputation of our company in the future. But the strongest argument for the relevance of our words are dozens of completed buildings and hundreds of satisfied clients, whom Manov and sons are proud with.

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